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2019-2024 Indian FTR Lloydz V6 ECU Flash

2019-2024 Indian FTR Lloydz V6 ECU Flash

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The Lloydz Garage Indian FTR ECU Flash is the ultimate upgrade for your FTR. This ECU Flash is for all year FTR, 2019-2024. Power for dollar, this FTR ECU Flash is bar none the most enhancing modification for the bike. Benefits include 

A customized map for your intake and exhaust combination
Improved peak power
Enhanced rev and speed limits
Improved throttle response
Reduced popping
Elimination of non-commanded throttle "blips"
Reduced exhaust gas temperatures
Smoother operation
Enhanced Lean Angle Sensitive control inputs
Enhanced ABS and Traction Control operation
This is a mail in service. You will need to send your ECU to C3 Vtwin, we will flash it the same day its received, and mail it back to you. Once your order is placed, we will reach out to you via Email and send you a form to fill out listing your specific performance mods, as well as the year and model so we can accurately build you a custom map tailored to your bikes needs! 
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