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Indian Motorcycle Floorboards & Lloydz ECU Flash Performance Package

Indian Motorcycle Floorboards & Lloydz ECU Flash Performance Package

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This package comes with Floorboards & a Lloydz ECU flash mail in service


Proudly made in the USA, these billet aluminum floorboards are the lightest available on the market weighing in at only 9oz. The profile allows for maximum lean angle and ground clearance without sacrificing any type of comfort. They sit a hair higher than OEM, which leads to a more aggressive knee angle for performance riding, while sacrificing virtually 0 comfort. The carefully placed foot serrations allow plenty of grip when riding with your foot back in a "mid control" position, and the front and rear grip hook pattern locks your foot in whether you're carving corners or cruising across the country. These are available in Raw, Black, and Chrome.  

Indian Floorboards now in stock!!

Fits Indian Challenger, Chieftian, Roadmaster, Vintage and Super Chief 


This is a mail in service for a Lloydz ECU Flash. Upon purchase you will be sent an email with a form to print and fill out with specific information to your bike. The mailing address will also be listed on this form. Please write the last 4 digits of your VIN on your ecu, and package it well. 

-Enhanced Speed Limits & enhanced rev limits
*Speed limiter is enhanced but please be aware that Indian Motorcycles are not validated to exceed the original OEM speed limiter setting. For off road race track use only.

-A complete and customized tune for all exhaust and intake combinations

-Improved peak power idle smoothness

-Reduced exhaust gas temperatures

-Zero throttle lag

-Vastly improved throttle response

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